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In 2009, Shenzhen Viston Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established, focusing on the research and development of water purifying technology, manufacturing and sales of water purifying products. In the same year, we organized high-end technical experts in the industry to build world-class R&D centers, laboratories,as well as production workshops, including molding, plastic injection, assembly lines and so on.


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In 2010, our Viston technical team conducted in-depth research on all type of water, and conducted water sample analysis in R&D centers and laboratories to test the cleanliness of different filtration technologies, investing in key technologies with huge fund and technology resources. with almost two years of hard work, the first water purifying product was successfully launched, it was enthusiastically responded by the market.


2011- until now,we continued to expand technological advantages, innovative research and development of all kind of water filtration systems, obtained dozens of independent intellectual property rights, and launched more than 70 designs of water purifying products,including

  1.  home water purifier series with RO or UF system, for instance, table top water purifier dispensers, desktop tankless water filtration dispensers,direct connected water purifers,undersink water purifier, 600 gpd, 800 gpd, 1200 gpd, 1600 gpd big flow water purifiers or filters, hydrogen rich water purifier dispenser etc. 
  2. Softener series for demestic or for industry RO system, there are 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton, 2.5 ton capability for household models, all other capacities can be customized according to needs.
  3. The parts self-productive rate is as high as 90%, besides key UF and RO membranes, all kinds of accessories and fittings for water purifiers are all available in our factory. they can be also customizable.


we haven't only passed the concept of healthy drinking water to hundreds of millions of people, but also keep bringing stylish and high-quality products together with partners to everywhere all over the world. get more and more people drink pure, rest assured healthy water.


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There are different water sources and needs for drinking water all over the world,copig wtth ODM requests. Viserton R&D team has built different models of water purifiers and water filtration treatment systems for our new or regular customers.


For instance, hydrogen water rich water dipsensers, water heater dispensers, tabletop water dispenser with filters,all kind of water purifiers and so on. 


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