Shenzhen Viston Technology Co.,Ltd

  • China Shenzhen Viston Technology Co.,Ltd company profile
  • China Shenzhen Viston Technology Co.,Ltd company profile
  • China Shenzhen Viston Technology Co.,Ltd company profile
Main Market North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Oceania, Worldwide
Business Type Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler
Brands Viserton or OEM or ODM
No. of Employees 50~100
Year Established 2009
Export p.c 70% - 80%


The “Viserdon” brand was founded in 2009 and is affiliated to Shenzhen Viston Technology Co., Ltd. Our team is committed to creating premium hydrogen related products with advanced technology, popularizing environmentally protective, safety and healthy concepts on hdyrogen inhaler,hydrogen rich water dispenser with most advanced PEM or SPE technology in recent years. 


We started with water purifier,since water quality determines the quality of life, based on increasingly serious water pollution, water pipeline aging, high water hardness, and other water using problems, we have built a world-class water purifying research and development center, laboratory and dust-free workshop. integrating the leading concepts, we have innovated and mastered a number of core technologies, and dozens of exclusive intellectual property rights. Our ultrafiltration membrane technology and water purifier have always been at the forefront of high-end products. It is a national high-tech enterprise including R&D, production and sales in the industry. To meet the new high-quality water demand, we will continue to work hard to keep upgrading water purifying technology for human beings.


In 2009, Shenzhen Wei Shidun Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established, focusing on the research and development of water purifying technology, manufacturing and sales of water purifying products In the same year, we hired high-end technical experts in the industry to build world-class R&D centers and laboratories

In 2010, the Wei Shidun technical team conducted in-depth research on water quality in various parts of China, and conducted water sample analysis in R&D centers and laboratories to test the cleanliness of different filtration technologies, investing in key technologies with huge capital and technology investment. Development. After almost two years of hard work, the first water purifying product was successfully launched. Once it was launched, it was enthusiastically responded by the market.

In past years, we continued to expand its technological advantages, innovative research and development of products, obtained dozens of independent intellectual property rights, and launched more than 50 designs of water purifying products. The parts self-productive rate is as high as 90%, and the world’s leading water purifying technologies are mastered. We have passed on the concept of healthy drinking water to hundreds of millions of people, and also keep bring stylish and high-quality products together with partners to everywhere all over the world. let more people drink pure, rest assured healthy water.

In 2017, Viserton has accumulated a lot of efforts. While actively expanding its product line and perfecting its service system, it has also launched a growth distribution system in conjunction with the national call for “Volkswagen Entrepreneurship and Innovation” to attract more eager to own business and become rich. The group joins the blue water of the “clean water” industry to promote the purification of hundreds of millions of households and win healthy wealth.


As an advocate of pure life, we have always adhered to the quality concept of “people-oriented and healthy living” and constantly upgraded the water purifying industry chain. While providing high-quality water purifying equipment to hundreds of millions of households, it is more focused on stimulating the rapid development of water purification in China. With deep technical accumulation, comprehensive R&D advantages and outstanding design capabilities, we provide opportunities for individuals and companies interested in pursuing water purifying industry to create wealth , and let everyone enjoy pure, clean, and Safe drinking water enhances the health and natural life of mankind

Our Team

Viserton culture

Core value:Global quality Glory China

Vision:Purifying and benefiting society

Mission:Founding international purification industry leader

Enterprise development concept:Concentricity,development,Co-creation,Win-win,and Mutual benefit

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